Monday, March 12, 2012

Hot Coffee

Do you remember the story about the woman who won a huge lawsuit against McDonald's for spilling a cup of hot coffee. Okay. Take a minute and write down what you "know" or heard about the subject. How much money did she get? Was the lawsuit frivolous? What degree of burns did she receive? How old was the woman? I'm going to out on a limb and guess that you don't know the real story. Watch this trailer:
The lawsuit was part of a huge campaign to impose caps on damages. In the case of Stella Liebeck, she was seriously hurt, and the jury awarded her a proper sum, which was then lowered by the judge. This case has spurred major changes in legislation meant to protect citizens--you and me--which no longer exists. Have you heard of an arbitration clause? This is scary. Just about every business contract out there (your gym membership, cell phone, credit card, employment) has this type of clause, which basically means the company cannot be sued. In the movie, Hot Coffee, you learn not only about Stella Liebeck's true story, and how the media misled the public, but also about a woman who worked for Halliburton that was drugged, gang-raped, held prisoner, and then couldn't sue for damages. Learn more about arbitration clauses.

The movie will demystify what many of us were led to believe about the hot coffee case, and show, once more how the media and corporate bullies monopolize our courts--but we let them, since we're all caught up and distracted with our own biz. Watch the movie. Get informed.

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